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Fundraising Canada

Welcome to Fundraising Canada, the leading Canadian fundraising campaign supplier providing engraved bricks for fund raising across Canada. Our product is known by a few names such as engraved bricks, brick engraving, engraved pavers and etched bricks. We are proud that everything is done inhouse using Canadian fundraise products manufactured in Canada, we are the largest engraved brick supplier for fundraising in Canada. Our comprehensive Canada Fundraising package and our calculator for fundraising in Canada can be downloaded here. We have helped many organizations like yours fundraise thousands of dollars with our effective and proven fundraising program.

Brick Fundraising

Brick Fundraising

Conveniently located just north of Toronto Ontario, we engrave fund-raising products such as engraved wall tiles, floor tiles and engraved paving stones also known as engraved pavers or engraved bricks. We also engrave clay thin bricks which are perfect for fundraising and can be used for walls located outside or indoors. We provide fundraising services to schools, churches, non profits, hospitals, sports clubs, private groups and community organizations across Canada. We can produce any quantity of engraving to support your fundraise program so please contact us to see what we can do for your organizations fund raising programs. With our expertise and experience, your group can offer quality, personalized engraved bricks, donor bricks

Brick Fundraising Canada

and engraved pavers at an attractive price that will be cherished for years  to come. If you are a school fundraising, church, sports club, non profit or other community based organization and looking for a way to raise money then you have come to the right place. Our fundraising products are perfect for engraved brick walkways, memorial gardens or memorial walls and our fund-raising program is designed to help you run a successful fundraise campaign. Below we have included some answers to common asked questions.



Do you have a fundraising brochure?

Yes, we have a comprehensive, professional fundraising Canada package and we have a fundraising calculator that will be a big help with your project, please click on the ‘CONTACT’ menu item and select ‘DOWNLOADS’

Why do a brick fundraising program?

No upfront capital expenses, you collect your money and then you pay for the engraved bricks. Engraved bricks have a proven track record and have been used with success to raise substantial revenue for many great causes. No need to think of a new fundraiser next year, just add on to your initial program. These bricks sell themselves once they are in place and in view of your potential buyers.

Do you offer tiered pricing or minimum quantities?

We do not use a tiered pricing format and we have no minimum quantities. Tiered pricing and minimum quantities is great for the engraving company but it does not support the customers fund raising needs. We offer our best price regardless of quantity and in this way we are both vested to make your program a success. It also provides a consistent model for future planning as many successful projects span a couple of years.

Should I have 4×8 pavers, 8×8 pavers, 12×12 pavers or all?

All. The goal of any fundraising campaign is to raise revenue. By offering multiple products you can tier your pricing to make additional revenue. Individuals, families and business sponsors will often step up to a higher donation for more lines of text or logos for greater visible recognition. Our most successful brick fundraising projects have used tiered pricing.

When should I start my brick fundraising program?

As soon as you can. The longer the timeline between marketing and installation, the more bricks you will sell. The first steps are simple and we can help you to get your program up and running quickly. Our experience shows that successful marketing leads to successful fundraising.

What process do you use to engrave bricks?

The process we use to engrave our bricks is sandblasting. This allows us to provide a deep, permanent engraving, the engraved areas are then painted with the best stone paint available.

What is fundraising?

Fundraising or fund raising is the process of soliciting and gathering voluntary contributions as money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals & businesses. Fundraising in Canada typically refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit organizations, schools, churches, hospitals and community based organizations. Traditionally, fundraising consisted mostly of asking for donations on the street or at people’s doors, and this is experiencing very strong growth in the form of face-to-face fundraising, but new forms of fundraising such as online fundraising have emerged in recent years and are very successful for fundraise campaigns. Fundraising is a significant way for Canadian schools & non-profit organizations to obtain additional funds to support their operations.

Professional fundraisers. Many Canadian non-profit organizations take advantage of the services of professional fundraisers however, the most common practice of non-profits or schools in Canada is to employ a staff person whose main responsibility is fund raising. This person is paid a salary like any other employee, and is usually a part of the top management staff of the organization. The term “professional fundraiser” is in many cases a legislated term referring to third-party firms whose services are contracted for; whereas “fundraising professionals” or development officers are often individuals or staff at charitable non-profits. Although potentially confusing, the distinction is an important one to note.

Equally important are fundraising efforts by virtually every recognized religious group throughout Canada. These efforts are organized on a local, national, and global level. Sometimes, such funds will go exclusively toward assisting the basic needs of others, while money may at other times be used only for evangelism.

A capital campaign is when fundraising is conducted to raise major sums for a building or endowment, and generally keep such funds separate from operating funds. These campaigns encourage donors to give more than they would normally give and tap donors, especially corporations and foundations who would not otherwise give. A capital campaign normally begins with a private phase before launching a public appeal. Many nonprofits use third-party services to help automate matching gift and volunteer grant receipts and increase fundraising from these two sources. A capital campaign is “an intensive fundraising effort designed to raise a specified sum of money within a defined time period to meet the varied asset-building needs of an organization.” Asset-building activities include the construction, renovation or expansion of facilities (for example, a new building), the acquisition or improvement of land, equipment, or other items, and additions to a financial endowment.

Special events are another method of raising funds. These range from formal dinners to benefit concerts to walkathons. Events are used to increase visibility and support for an organization as well as raising funds.[5] Events can feature activities for the group such as speakers, a dance, an outing or entertainment, to encourage group participation and giving. Events can also include fundraising methods such as a raffle or charity auction. Events often feature notable sponsors or honorees. Events often feature a charity “ad book” as a program guide for the event, but more importantly, as another fundraiser providing members, supporters and vendors to show their support of and to the group at the event by way of placing an ad-like page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page, stating or showing support. Events and their associated fundraisers can be a major source of a groups revenue, visibility and donor relations.

While fundraising often involves the donation of money as an out-right gift, money may also be generated by selling a product of some kind, also known as product fundraising. Girl Scouts of Canada are well known for selling cookies in order to generate funds, there are many fundraising products but engraved bricks offer the most return. It is also common to see on-line impulse sales links to be accompanied by statements that a proportion of proceeds will be directed to a particular charitable foundation. Tax law may require differentiating between the cost of an item verses its gift value, such as a $100.00 per person dinner, for a $25.00 cost meal. Fundraising often involves recognition to the donor, such as naming rights or adding donors to a roll or other general recognition.

A number of Canada charities and Canadian non-profit organizations are increasingly using the internet as a means to raise funds; this practice is referred to as online fundraising. A fundraiser is an event or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause, charity or non-profit organization. Fundraisers often benefit charitable, non-profit, religious, or non-governmental organizations, though there are also fundraisers that benefit for-profit companies and individuals.